Rocky Mountain
Log & Saw Co., LLC

Fort Collins, Colorado


Prices are FOB from our yard near LaPorte, CO.    Products picked up in our yard are by appointment only.  We include sales tax in these product prices.  Sales tax will be added onto special orders (peeled logs and lumber).  Delivery is available on any product.  Contact us for a quote.  Prices are subject to change.  Thank you for your business!


Note: A stacked cord is 4'x4'x8' or 128 cu. ft. 

An estimated, unstacked, loose cord is 175 cu. ft.

You may purchase any amount.  We'll measure the load.


 Item  Cost

Split Pine Firewood -Average 15-16" lengths; there is a $10/cord extra charge for custom lengths.

You load it in our yard near LaPorte. 


Blocked (Un-split) Pine Firewood
You load it in our yard near LaPorte. 

Not available

Blocked/Unsplit Logs for Firewood (usually cut into 8' or 16' lengths or tree length You load it in our yard near LaPorte or we can deliver.

 Not available

Delivery of 1 cord of split firewood to local Fort Collins area (outside Fort Collins slightly more)   $50

Semi-load of tree-length logs:  We can deliver anywhere with a self-loader truck: Red Feather Lakes, Estes Park, Rist Canyon, Poudre Canyon, Virginia Dale, Wellington, Bellvue, Lory State Park 

Contact Chad at 970-222-3536



Logs--cut to any length

$4 per linear ft.

Hand-peeled logs--any length                  

$8 per linear ft.